Business, First

Hey guys!

Instead of going around to people’s blogs to post this, I’ll leave it right here.  Regular posting will resume tomorrow.

For those of you whom I have asked about perhaps starting a website together for uniformity, I sort of have an idea.  I know Andy – the Spicy Cauldron – would rather not move his blog, as well as some others.  So, I think the best idea is if we create a multi-blog site, with a blog on the front page.  The front page blog will have a blogroll with anyone who wants to be on it, on it.  Those people will link back to this multi-page blog.

T’will be a mark of distinction – we can(members) vote on which blogs should be added, and which blogs shouldn’t. Probation requirements for new blogs, or cleaning out of the blogroll whomever hasn’t posted in 30 days would keep the site updated.  (Unless they have a vacation notice or just post in that fashion)

The blog on the main site, itself, would be a multi-user blog.  On it, we could rotate posting – and we could take time-limited topics(Current news one month; childbirth another; moon worship another…).  The site, because it would be multi-blog, could also support those of us who do want to transfer our blogs over to an entirely pagan site. I know a lot of us do post “other-than-pagan” content, so it’s understandable to want to keep your wordpress account.

I can do the programming and set up for the actual site – that’s what I do as my job, anyway.  I can even procure hosting and accept the cost of it (It’d be a small upgrade to my one site’s hosting).  But I’d definitely like some input on the domain name(comment here with ideas!).  I’m kind of liking …but only because it sort of rolls off the tongue.  Does anyone have anything better?


One response to “Business, First

  1. I like it. Is there a way to give you my email so it doesn’t appear in public?
    Ideas for names:


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