A Year Gone, A Year To Come

Woot guys!  Today is my one-year anniversary as a blog on wordpress!  I’m not sure how many hits I’ve gotten today(am writing this a few days before so I don’t forget), but I’m sure it’s at least close to 10,000.  What an amazing accomplishment!

I never thought, when I started this blog, that I would get any traffic, much less a connected blogroll and a network of friends.  You guys – at least, some of you – have been reading everything from me being stressed about schoolwork to me contemplating issues that are hard to comprehend for anyone.  I began as a teenager, and am now twenty years old!

So much has happened in this past year – spiritually and academically.  I’m coming very close to my third degree.  My high priest and I have discussed it, and next time we see each other for ritual, I will be initiated into my third degree.  Academically, I’ve traveled the states and even to Costa Rica for various things, picking up tid bits of spiritual information along the way.

Thank you for being here – today, or yesterday, or a year ago!

With that being said, starting tomorrow, I’ve decided to add a bit of a schedule to this blog.  I’d like to touch on different topics at least once a week, or once a month.  That way, in the spirit of learning and the spirit of experience, I can keep myself motivated to write, learn, and express my opinions – and perhaps help others along the same route.

Mondays – Fundie of the Week Award.  I choose Mondays on purpose: because reminding yourself that intolerance exists at the beginning of the week may piss you off enough to do something about it.  Fundie of the Week award will be offered to *any* intolerant action, not just intolerance against pagans or wiccans.

Tuesdays – Life Speaks.  Hopefully, on Tuesdays, my posts will be centered around wisdom gathered from anything alive – plants, bacteria, fungi, animals.  Over time, we’ll get a pretty good database of traditionally derived data, myths, and meditationally derived data about various plants, animals, and anything else that lives.

Wednesdays – Healthy Living.  This section will contain just about anything to do with healthy living – be it a physical, mental or therapeutic, or spiritual technique.  Remembering in the middle of the week that we need to have balance in our lives – that can’t really hurt anyone.

Thursdays – Q and A or Stats Review.  A lot of my posts are inspired by either questions posed to me or reviewing my blog stats to see just what brought someone here.  So, Thursdays, I will compile the data, choose a topic, and go with it.

Fridays – Kitchen/Crafty Witch.  Hopefully this will inspire me to try to cook(and not burn the place down around my shoulders).  I also figure that I’ll be taking on stuff like altar decoration, trinket making, etc.  The Practical side of paganism cannot be ignored.  So, drying herbs, wand making, and esbat cakes: here I come!

Saturdays – Open day.  God knows what I’ll write today – but I’ll try to keep it fun!

Sundays – Reviews.  Be it movie, book, website or article, I hope to review at least one thing for you guys a week.  It will keep me reading, watching, and hopefully keep you doing the same.

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