Fundie of the Week: Rev. George Hargreaves

I’ve noticed that Serenity has been following this show(Make Me A Christian) for a while.  I don’t get it – living in western NY(at least I don’t think) – but she did mention that he pricked a hole into the world of fundamentalism and then just leaped right in.  I went over to take a look….

Well, you can see it right there.  To me, and this is only after watching that one segment – the man seems reluctant.  It seems like he’s more performing for the camera and enacting the ideas of say, the producer – than what he really feels.  There was no passion behind any of his statements, at least how I witnessed it.

Her, either.  It was like they set her up for a fall, and they all knew that “fall” was what she had to do.  Taking it to “demonic powers” is a little far, but its nothing new.

I don’t know anything about the socio-religious atmosphere in the UK, so I’m not sure if I can really comprehend this to the greatest level.

But I do know that I was watching an evangelical preacher yesterday on our local Christian channel.  He was ranting and raving and pacing back and forth, but what he said – it hit home.  He was talking about the passages in the bible where it is said that some preachers will get others to heaven – but they, themselves, may not make it.  He ended this with a simple proclamation(repeated several times, of course: he must have been proud!): Go back to the source.

And that is obviously what this reverend needs to do.  He needs to go back to the source – the Old Testament, even – where there is some religious tolerance.  He needs to go back to the source of the culture we live in right now, and recognize that Wicca itself is gaining ground.  I know Wicca is a recognized religion in the United States.

He needs to realize that his religion was formed from hundreds of years of oppression.  When was the last time – before we sliced up the Middle East and GAVE the Jews somewhere to live – that the Jewish people had a sovereign nation?  Their history is muddled with being conquered by one people after another.  They didn’t have a choice except to be tolerant.  They were slaves and servants.  They were nomads with a strict male-dominated society because the men got the food.

Christians, born from a man who recognized the Jewish plight and decided to try something new, were once prosecuted too.  How tenuously do they use their own version of “The Burning Times” to justify their centuries of conquering and dominion over other religious choices.

Unfortunately for the Rev. George Hargreaves … We’re not living in the Crusades era anymore.  We’re not even living in the times of the Salem Witch Trials.  We’re living in times where the best thing that religious leaders can do in society’s eyes, is turn to interreligious discussion as a means to unite humanity.

And so, the Fundie of the Week award is rewarded for the Rev. George Hargreaves – be it for his inability to speak for himself and not for the camera, or his inability to recognize that we live in 2008, not 1008. 


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