Healthy Living: Keeping Balance

There is a visualization that I use, that I never really realized that I used until just this moment.  I was thinking, “well, what do I know about healthy living, anyway?” and then began thinking about a conversation with a friend that I had a few nights ago.  He was feeling depressed because his ex girlfriend had called to expressly tell him that he was a loser – right after his business partner decided to leave the business, among other things taking  a turn for the worse.  And so he told me that he felt like he failed at life, on and on – and I said nothing.  And a few minutes later, I found the words I was looking for.

You see, he may have the worst luck in the world sometimes.  His choices of ex-girlfriends are less than stellar, and the pure absurdity of some of the situations he gets into is almost unbelievable.  Yet, there is a reason that I deeply care for the man: Whatever he does, he does for others.  He takes this to the extreme.  He will spend an entire Christmas(he’s pagan, but still) devoted to others.  His entire savings will go to buying children of his neighborhood cool presents that their parents can’t afford.

Even what he does now, personal training, is aimed at helping others.  Since I’ve known him, he’s counseled pregnant teens, people suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression.  He’s worked as an in-home nurse, security – he’s planted trees and organized volunteer movements to decrease violence in his home town.  If there’s something that needs to be done, he does it.

At cost to himself, his livelihood, his health, and anything else.  Enter my analogy.

When you think of yourself, think of yourself at the very center of a very large, very connect web.  Each strand represents an interaction you’ve had recently where some of your energy and vibrations has left you to connect with that other person.  Not literally, left, but more – that piece of you has gotten scattered and disorganized.

If we were to look at this man’s web, I think that he would actually be pushed to a corner so everyone else could take his place in the center!

So, when you’re feeling unbalanced, a good exercise to use is to slowly imagine each strand of the web being pulled back to you, until it’s just you, with yourself healthy, clean, and whole.  And reminding yourself of this web everytime you promise someone that you’ll do something, or go somewhere, or think of something, or lead something – may just keep your priorities in check.

It’s great to do all you can to help your community – your family, your workplace, your friends – but doing it at the expense of yourself helps no one.

Have a great day!


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