Time After Time…

The first day of school is something that I have been experiencing for over ten years.  From kindergarten up and out to now my junior year of college, it seems like first days are always the same.  You never do anything on the first day.  For us, labs never start the first week of classes.  There are things to sign and people to talk to and you find yourself running down rather easily.  You live off of caffeinated beverages and hope that will be enough to get you through.

I had an interesting morning – I bled all over myself in the car.  I was picking at my fingernails and cuticles, which is something I do often to keep myself amused.  It’s a habit of mine, one that I haven’t managed to drop yet.  Nonetheless, I hit the wrong spot and suddenly, blood.  So, short of taking a tampon out of my bag to stop it, I decided to hold my finger in my other hand.  a few minutes later, I let go to discover a pictogram of a woman – in blood – on my left hand.  No joke.  I’ll see if I can’t get the picture I have of it on my phone uploaded[uploaded, up top!].

I’ve had some pretty intense stuff – like that – happening to me lately.  I know I’m headed in the right direction, overall, but it just seems like everything – all of the signs, omens, little things – is amplified right now.

I’m not sure what the pictograph woman on my left hand, in blood, meant this morning.  Maybe it was a simple hello from the gods.  “I am here when you are hurting.” …?  “I am in your blood.” …?

Maybe I’m reading too much into a bloodied hand.  But it was a very, very clear symbol.

Anyway.  Try to get something spiritual out of your day.  Hopefully it won’t be quite as…dramatic.


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