Allelopathic Spirituality?

Well guys, you know I’m knee deep in school right now.  At this moment, trying to convince myself to do some homework.  Yet, i thought I would throw out this thought:  In plants, many exude defensive chemicals which inhibit the growth of other plants of different species around them.  These allelopathic chemicals work to provide the host plant with room to grow, and defend from invaders which may do ill to them.

Do we have spiritual allelopathic methods?  Are they conscious actions/techniques that we perform to keep safe?  And by we, i mean EVERY human being.  Christian, Atheist, Pagan, and in between.  This question is one of spiritual dynamics, and not of personal belief systems.

What happens if our allelopathic spiritual system malfunctions?  Does it ever do more harm than good for us?

Can we influence our allelopathic spiritual system?

Curious thoughts.


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