In Memory

Hey guys –

I know I posted already today, but I wanted to make this a special notice when I found out.  While I was on my ride this weekend, I was ascending the second hill and pushed myself a little farther than I wanted to.  I pulled off to the side to catch my breath.  Turning around, I caught the eye of the man behind me, and smiled and shrugged.  I turned to see where my riding partner was – Garry – and turned back around to watch the man behind me, Jason, fall and begin to seize.

I dumped my bike as quickly as I could, along with a few other people around, and we all rushed over to see what was wrong.  We cleared his airway and got his bike away from his body, as others – doctors on the ride – crowded around also to help.  With them there, I stood back and watched as they began to try to save the man.

We stayed until we heard the ambulance coming, then we left, not wanting to be in the way.  Jason was turning blue and not doing so great, and my thoughts were on him during most of the ride.

I received an email today informing me that Jason Becroft, 32, of Ithaca, passed away on our ride Saturday.  I was watching as his wife was pacing around him, trying to get him back.  The desperation in her tone as she was yelling, “Jason, stay with me!  Jason!”  was something that I never, ever wanted to hear.

May the Gods bless his wife and two children through this difficult time.  I can’t imagine the pain that something so unexpected has caused to the entire community of Ithaca, in the name of a good cause.

I know it sounds corny, but talk to your loved one tonight.  Tell them how much you love them.  Because something like that can happen at any moment – and even in the best of hands, there isn’t always something that can be done.

Keep Jason Becroft’s memory close in your heart tonight, and his wife Jocelyn, his two children Evan and Stella in your prayers.


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