Hey guys –

I hope you had a wonderful Mabon / fall equinox yesterday.  The second harvest is an often overlooked holiday, at least by me, and I had not properly prepared for the occasion.  I settled instead with a wonderfully calming prayer and meditation session, where I set up my indoor altar properly and went from there.

Jason Becroft’s death is still on my mind – it definitely tossed me into something that I didn’t really know how to handle.  I suppose most people could just store it away, but I almost feel an obligation to his family to remember him beyond a week after his death.

I think this may actually cause me to create something which should have been created by me long ago, an idea which has been mulling for quite some time: The Book of Names.  In it, I could place names, birth and death dates, of people that I – and my descendants – should be given due cause to remember.

In any case, I hope you had a wonderful Mabon, and look forward to a post this week – probably about female health, as I’m heading to the doctor this week.

Blessed Be!


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