The Ethics of Birth Control

Hey guys!  How is it going?  I have to admit that this semester is killing me, just because i find myself neck deep in primary scientific literature.  That means terminology, sentence structure, and impossible to understand graphs and charts.  For hours on end. 

Beyond that, I did go to the doctor, and after much inner debate, opted to get birth control. 

The option of birth control confuses me, as a pagan.  I don’t run into the same problem as Christians, because I don’t really think that God is going to smite me dead if my ovaries aren’t in constant use.  But it does irk me a bit, because our current hormonal birth control methods – the most effective ones – are exatly that: hormonal.  So I’m subjecting my body to a series of drugs to make it think it’s pregnant. 

That is what I have an issue with.  Should I be interfering with my body’s cycles?  I’m primarily interested in birth control as a method of easing pain and complications with menstruation, not as an actual – birth control -. 

I did decide that the risk of interfering with and regulating my body’s cycles – at least for now – is an okay decision.  If too much affects me in the wrong way, I will stop using it.  That means weight gain, rapid mood changes, acne/skin quality deterioration, and weird sleep/wake changes. 

Anyone else want to weigh in?  Should we be forcing our bodies into cycles that aren’t inherent to them?


One response to “The Ethics of Birth Control

  1. I am late finding this post but its an interesting topic. You are not doing your body any harm by regulating your cycle with the pills. You are saving yourself pain as well. We are not gifted with medical discovery so that the discovery can go unused. Would Goddess want you to suffer, or would She want you to find relief?

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