We believe in magic. We define magic as the inherent ability of an object to influence its environment. Magic is as much being able to walk as it is being able to attract new sources of happiness to your life.

We do not deny the skeptics. Our most fervent believers may define their belief in magic as energy that they can see, feel or touch. And our skeptics insist that we are so able to meld our minds around an idea that we unconsciously work towards the expected outcome. Regardless of how the belief is interpreted, it cannot be denied that we believe in and work with magic.

Along with the belief in magic comes a goal: That we may be the rock in a great sea; to be master of our surroundings and not be mastered by them. Becoming the one to influence – the magician, the hermit, the priest and the priestess – has a cost. We believe that the Universe recognizes intent as action, and acts accordingly. And so, ill wishes bring ill back to us three times over. Likewise, good acts bring good to us three times over. And though we do not see things as black and white, the rule of three and karma still remain as fundamental to our practice and beliefs.


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