What Is Magic?

Magic is the act of taking responsibility to create change. This is the simplest, most encompassing definition that will span a range of religious and spiritual traditions, regardless of time or geographic region.

Wiccans perform magic. Christians perform magic. Hindus, Muslims, even Atheists practice magic. Magic is self responsibility. Magic is standing up and deciding to walk to your car. Magic is praying for a better world.

Magic is conscious change.


I was doubtful at first.  I was doubtful of Barack Obama and what he would mean for us.    But I mean, what could be better?  A man with a foot in both worlds: the white and the black, the international and the national, the family and the self, the death of his grandmother and the beginning of his journey as president.

The man is honorable.  I trust him like our forefathers trusted Kennedy.  He has a loving family – you know he won’t be getting blowjobs on the side.

For the first time in eight years, I am proud to be an American.

The Paper’s Done…

Now what?  Well, November is National Novel Writing Month.  That means, 50,000 words in 30 days.

I know I can’t write that much, this month.  But I can, at least, stick to a subject matter on here as I update, add to, and expand my book of shadows(which is currently at 46,000 words).  I will be using the blog in combination with the book of shadows for my little prize at the end of the month; and meanwhile, be getting some good writing in about what it is that I believe.

Anyway, the topic of the month?  The Principles of Magic.

First chapter coming soon.