That Idea From Forever Ago…

I know most of you who visit nowadays probably aren’t my co-conspirators from a few months ago.  Nevertheless, I welcome you to my project.

Way back in August, I think, I mentioned an idea for a multi blogger network site where we could all be connected.  We have a sort of tenuous community, linked by blogrolls and the occasional cross blog comment.  i want something a little more uniform for us.  Without forcing those of us who have stable blogging identities to lose any of it.

And over the past few days, beginning with the end of my semester, I’ve begun formulating this idea.  I call it Paganocity.  Its currently in alpha testing(lol) and barely worth linking to.  Over the next while I’ll be solidifying the internal organization and adding some base content.

But I can’t do this big ass thing alone.  I don’t have the time.

That’s where you come in.  Any pagan who’s interested in some sort of community with other pagans.  Yeah, I’m a witch, but I don’t care if you are.  You can come from any walk of paganism.  What I do want is people who wouldn’t mind devoting an hour or two a week to helping a fledgling site get off the ground.  And there are a LOT of roles that need to be filled.  From forum moderator to content managers to contributors.  You don’t have to be a writer.  If you spend a lot of time browsing the net, my guess is that you searching can be to our benefit.

It will cost me approximately $50 a year to run this site, and I’m a college student – so paying you is out of the question. Eternal thanks and maybe a few wacky Christmas/Yule cards are pretty much all I can offer.  But I don’t want people to take ‘jobs’ from me.  That’s silly.  I want people who want to be community founders – leaders.  Those should be easy to find among the pagan community.

So what will the site offer?  I’ve got it set up in a “city” format right now.  A requests come in for leadership positions, it can be expanded, adjusted, etc.

These are the categories.  A lot has been adjusted – this is actually a relatively outdated list, but it’s extremely dynamic.  If there’s anything that peaks your interest, just leave a comment here and we’ll exchange some emails.

Main Menu
-The Library


-The Garden

-The Crystal Ball
-I Ching

-The Gallery

-The Kitchen
-Recipes etc

-The Playhouse
-Pagan Crafts
-Pagan Software
-Pagan Images

-The Coffee House
-Pagan Poetry
-Pagan Songs
-Pagan Video

-The Town Hall
-Civil Rights News
-Meet and Greet
-Q & A
-Prayer Requests



Finals hit me hard. Friday, I’m all done, and with the exceptions of moving out and Christmas, i should be back to posting.

Someday, school and life won’t kick my butt. I promise.