Faith and Motivation

I belong to a website called SparkPeople. It’s this massive, online, free community of people trying to better their lives and reach weight or fitness goals.  A lot of the people on the website are devoted Christians, and use their faith to help motivate them to reach their goals.

As witches, we are often left by the wayside in terms of group support.  We’re loners.  We walk our own paths.  Now, there are some pagan support groups on that site, sure – but none are quite as…structured…as Christian ones.  We don’t really ask people to pray for us.

Over the next few weeks, both here and on SparkPeople, I’m going to try to put together sources of motivation from pagan and Wiccan texts.  Stuff that we can rely on to help change our lives.  And perhaps, design a faith-based strategy for pagans to reach their weight and fitness goals.

In other news, in terms of projects, I can direct you to a few places.  First of all, I’m starting, through the Order of the Gecko, something I’m calling, “The Buffalo Project.”  I’m also, of course, in Arizona working on a research project.  I’m currently creating Reiki classes through the Order of the Gecko.  I’m beginning to search for Graduate Schools.  I’m studying for the GRE.  I’m learning a new guitar song.

I’ll try to keep the posting consistent.  Promise!


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