The Sun is Shining…

And the end of my undergraduate life is near! This is the last week of classes for me.  Then it’s finals week, Senior week, and graduation!  And then I have to go home, unpack, and start prepping to move my butt to Ohio to start the next peg of my journey, at graduate school.

I wonder how many people still read this blog?  I wonder if I have time to devote.  I wonder if I should leave it as it is, or keep moving with it?  Maybe, publishing here will encourage me to design and work on my other projects?  I can’t get paid off of this blog…what if I moved it to my domain and added a few pay per click adds to help me with hosting fees for my other projects?

These are the things going through my head right now.  It’s a beautiful day, and I want to do the best possible thing to keep my readers engaged, my bank account less empty than it usually is, and myself on track for my three websites.

Merry meet and happy Beltaine a few days ago 🙂


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