Ask, and ye shall receive (Bide the Wiccan laws ye must)

If you’re encountering this book and want to participate: Put your responses to these questions in the comments section!  This is part of the class entitled “52 Weeks to the Wiccan Rede.”  You can find out more by clicking on “Beginning Practice.”

Today is about a sort of secret law that doesn’t receive a lot of attention, but some teachers practice.  I wanted to mention it for when you’re looking for a “real life” teacher to guide you in your faith.  This “law” not only governs Wicca, but should govern all of your life.  The idea is this:  The teacher refuses to give you advancement until you ask for it yourself.  That is, they won’t lead you blindly through lessons and then promote you through protocol because there is nothing left to teach.  They make you ask.  And by asking, you take responsibility for your life and learning.  Today’s assignment is to empower yourself – write down a goal.  It can be a long-term or short-term goal, completely unrelated to religion, but write it down and empower yourself to take action.


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