The God Hypothesis

The number one argument that caught my attention in “The God Delusion” is Dawkin’s argument against the “god hypothesis.”

There are two views of god.  The impersonal, abstract, pantheistic god (Beauty is everything, etc) is a view promoted by Einstein and others.  This is where I have always leaned.  The second view of god is the “god hypothesis” – a personal god that has created and controlled the universe from the beginning, and takes an interest in human affairs.  The Christian(and other religions) god.

The argument is simple.

An omniscient and omnipresent god must be very complex.

An argument that a very complex being created life begs the question: How did the complex being come into existence?

The impersonal, abstract, pantheistic god though… that is complementary to evolution.

Which leads me to conclude that although we personify the beauty in the world through deities called god (excluding magic from this argument altogether), we do not necessarily need to identify this/these god(s) as personable entities.


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