Child killer tries to change his name, pins his reasoning on Wiccan faith

Should we reject a convert? Even if he is a child-killer?

My immediate instincts say yes. Our religion is not into eternal forgiveness – we’re into responsibility.  And when a convicted murderer tries to change his name – and say that our religion is his inspiration – well, I say fuck him.

I am speaking of Charles Jaynes, who was convicted of murdering a young boy in 1998, after his sexual advances were (rightfully) rejected.

Convicted child murder Charles Jaynes has prompted Wiccans to question his motivation after listing the religion as the reason he wants to change his name.

Jaynes, formerly of Brockton and serving a life sentence at the Old Colony Correctional Center in Bridgewater for the 1997 slaying of Jeffrey Curley, has petitioned Plymouth Probate Court to change his name to Manasseh-Invictus Auric Thutmose V.

Dana Corby, a Wiccan priestess and teacher of 40 years, said that if a Wiccan changes his name it is often a private thing kept separate from their personal lives.

I completely agree with Dana Corby.  If we pick a magic name – it is secret.  Not public.  It is far more likely that Mr. Jaynes realized that this could be a way for him to fly under the radar for the rest of his life, and tried to jump on the bandwagon.

You can read more here: Wiccans try to distance themselves from child killer – Bridgewater, MA – Bridgewater Independent


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