Secret Vs. Private Faith

As you may know, my personal life at this time last year was in shambles.  My ex was dating another woman, unbeknownst to me, and soon after, we would break up.  After he got married.

My point is that I would leave an 8 year relationship and enter single life.  And for the first time in my life, I would consider dating people who had faiths different than my own.  Many of the people I met and dated were agnostic.  Others were monotheistic, but not much else.  Anyone with a strong and professed faith in Jesus Christ tends to be a turn off to me.

So I settled on someone who makes fun of me for screaming “Jesus Christ” in bed.  It only happened once.  He’s not religious, per say, especially not compared to me, but its awkward for me to try to explain my religious leanings to a man when its completely novel.

And so, I bring you the division of secret and private faiths.

A secret faith is one that you actively avoid displaying – you won’t talk about it.  Your partner has no clue.

A private faith?  He knows its there.  You know its there.  You don’t shove it in his face.  He doesn’t spend his time asking weird questions.

I do miss ritual, on occasion, but honestly, prayer and meditation are the most frequent expressions of my faith.  But there’s no reason you can’t use magical cooking, or spend some time outside, with your toes feeling the grass and dirt ooze between them.

Is there anyone out there that practices private,  not secret, faith?  Or are all of my readers out-of-the-closet, multi-colored hair, black-cat owning hippies?


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