Changing Faith in Changing Times

It seems that the minute I post anything new, I have new followers and likes and everything else.  I didn’t realize that this blog still had the power to reach people.  As promising as this new development is, I figured that I would update you on my relationship to the gods.

My post about 2011 was extremely depressing.  I had a sort of… determined, outlook on life at that point.  Since then, I’ve rebounded, so to speak, and have found myself in a slightly healthier relationship.  More importantly, though, somewhere in there, I reconciled my differences with the universe.

I was so angry at the world for all of 2011.  My aunt’s death, my family friend’s death, and my break up.  Why?  That was the overbearing question in my mind.  Why me?

And then I would respond of course – how selfish am I?  To let my own concerns stand above my concerns for everyone else.

And, as I found that it was ok for me to be a little selfish – eventually, I got bored of wallowing in my own loathing for the world.  And I came out of it, slowly, and realized that life moves on.  Regardless of how much kicking and screaming you do.

And I woke up one night and realized that it was pointless to hate the universe.

And I forgave the world for what had been “done to me.”

And although I don’t actively practice elaborate rituals right now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t commune with the sacred.  I still give the gods a bit of a head bob, every few days.

So remember, in times of pain: They won’t send anything your way that you can’t handle.  And if you need to hate on them for a while, they’ll be there when you come to your senses.  The universe does not hate.


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