Healing wounds (In perfect love and perfect trust)

If you’re encountering this book and want to participate: Put your responses to these questions in the comments section!  This is part of the class entitled “52 Weeks to the Wiccan Rede.”  You can find out more by clicking on “Beginning Practice.”

Perfect love and perfect trust are felt in all sorts of different ways in your life, and you can tell when a connection like that has been broken.  Have you felt the hurt of betrayal – the loss of perfect love and perfect trust?  What would it take to restore your feelings – if anything could?


3 responses to “Healing wounds (In perfect love and perfect trust)

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  2. What about “perfect trust”? Although we hate to admit it, love and trust do not always go hand in hand. We can love, in spite of someone’s flaws or inconsistencies. But to trust them, to put our faith and reliance on their actions, to give up some of our control, is difficult. Those of us in ritual groups or covens put our trust in those around us on a regular basis. We create a “safe haven” in which we have defined certain rules and boundaries so we may give up some control and trust those around us. And most often (unless someone in the group can’t put their bad day behind them) we achieve that trust, at least for the duration of the circle or ritual.

  3. My betrayal, my loss of perfect love and perfect trust came when I lost faith in the Christian God. It’s a long story, but it hurt like none other and my feelings will never be restored for that God, but my faith in the Divine now has a special place to heal – my reason for studying Wicca.

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