Wiccan Scientists

I did a google search today.  As some of you may know, although hopefully, many do not know the details, I am in the field of science (macroscopic biology).  This career keeps me very busy, but it also puts me in a place of awkwardness that is hard to reconcile with my job.

For example, although my religion was not an issue in hiring, that was at this job.  The next job I take, perhaps as my religion comes out in personal interactions, there will be lashback.  Or more importantly, it will leak onto my career.  A missed promotion.  Whispers around the coffee table, etc.  That sort of… murky, undecipherable place between personal and job.  And nothing can get you marginalized in science faster than throwing around words like “magic” in a serious tone of voice.

Of course, this sort of discrimination is silly, especially towards me.  I’ll be the first to tell someone – anyone, in fact, that both prayer and magic are ways for humans to better cope with their lives – to reach a subconscious state, to meditate.  We all know the (scientifically proven) benefits of meditation!

So back to my google search.  I googled “Wicca and Science” and I got pretty much… nothing.  No league of Wiccan scientists.  There are, of course, groups for religious (mostly Christian) scientists, but they’re often fraught with “I love Jesus” terminology that makes us neo-pagans very, very uncomfortable.

And come to think of it, I don’t know a single other neopagan/wiccan etc etc scientist.  I really, really don’t.  I know a few Christians.  Lots of agnostics and atheists.  No pagans.

Consider this a call to a coven.  If you’re a wiccan scientist, you let me know.  Contact me via the comments and instead of publishing it, I’ll email you and we can talk.  Wouldn’t that be fun?  To know you’re not alone?


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