Pizza, Part Two

Just an update on the whole pizza thing.  Remember the whole ” Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” thing?

Yeah… their dough is freaking delicious.  I made up a single batch of it a few days ago (when the first pizza failure happened), and used the first bit to make some bread, then the second and third bits to make pizza.

It took 2 parts of the dough to make pizza because the first time, my pizza fell off the pizza peel and into my wet, wet sink.  It was unsaveable, because it landed on some raw-meat dirtied dishes.  So I cut my losses, threw that out, and gathered the rest of the dough for round two.

Rolled it out, put my toppings on, and tossed it into 450 degrees for 15 min or so (I just watched it, didn’t really time it).  And it came out perfect.

5 stars to you,  Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day… 5 stars.

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