“Zombies Ahead” – Hacked construction sign gets lots of laughs

This happened in my hometown, and I wanted to share.  Basically, some genius found a way to hack a construction sign and made it so it said, “Zombies Ahead.”

No one bothered to tell the regional government until an ambulance crew spotted it, and I’m assuming, once they stopped laughing, called it in.  Of course, the department of transportation was pissed off.  My guess is that they were irritated because, well, they hadn’t thought of it first.  Remarkably, they issued this statement:

“Message signs are intended to be credible tools in providing traffic-related information to motorists. We realize it could have been much worse, but we take it seriously and ask anyone with information to call Greece Police.”

Now, who in their right mind would report the genius who did this?  Honestly, people.  You got trolled.  Move on.


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