A Pagan Prayer For Strength

Oh, gods, its been a while
Since I’ve been before you
On my hands and knees.

Death, and pain, and suffering
Were all at my door, and angry
I turned away from you.

Please forgive me, gods,
And give me the strength to live my life
With honor and balance.

I cast my circle tonight for you
I cast to say hello again
I cast so I have a safe place to feel

I cast to honor you, gods
And renew my commitment to your ways
Where truth and balance rule

I offer you, gods,
My perfect love and perfect trust
And to you, my ancestors, the same

Fill me with strength,
And humility, and grace
And light my path back home.

Give me ways to honor you
In my work and in my home
In my thoughts and in my actions

Let me be your servant
Bless me again with your priesthood
Hold me in your arms

I am safe, and warm, and comforted
And I know that it will be alright

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