Why You Should Become Wiccan

I can’t come to you now and preach that without Wicca, you will lose your path to God.  Nor can I tell you that you will go to hell if you choose wrong.  Wicca doesn’t operate on fear: it operates on freedom of choice and self-accountability.

I can tell you that you will take much more from this religious study than what you put into it.  You will find that the structure of Wicca, which promotes independent thought and research, helps you align your conscious thought and intuition to find answers to the tough questions in life.

The Wiccan path is not an easy one.  You will be harassed by “bible-believing Christians” who believe that you’ve sold your soul to Satan.  You’ll be harassed by other Pagans and Wiccans who become intolerant if you don’t share their beliefs.  You’ll even be harassed by atheists who believe that you’re mildly retarded for your faith in something ethereal.  You’ll watch as politicians insult or completely disregard your faith, and if Wicca gets involved in an election in your area, prepare for all sorts of degrading comments.

However.  With Wiccan practice and belief comes a set of tools that will better prepare you to face the challenges in your life.  You will gain confidence, be more grounded, and not be afraid to explore new and exciting avenues of thought.  You will acquire a new vocabulary, develop your meditation and visualization skills, and overall, live a more fulfilling life.  I see a lot of testimonies about “Why I Became Wiccan” – but I don’t see a whole lot of conversions out of Wicca, where the person in question was dedicated to the Wiccan path, and not to some jumbled up version of Wicca, Paganism, or Satanism.  I hope that sometime in the future, I will see your testimony about your religious experience and how Wicca has helped you move forward with your life.

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