Dreaming About Butterflies

Last night, I had a dream.  About a butterfly in two different stages.  In the first part of the dream, I was searching in a garden for this chrysalis (butterfly pupa) that I knew was there because I had seen the caterpillars there a few days earlier.  I was hunting in this garden for these chrysalises, and my ex was watching me from a distance.  And I was like… trying to prove myself to him, that I could find them after all.

A few moments later, you know how dream time goes, suddenly, I look up, and there’s a tiger swallowtail butterfly flitting into the shrubby undergrowth of the forest up ahead.  I get up off of my knees and I go to follow it, and my ex says something to distract me, and the butterfly gets away.

And life in dream world moves on.

I remembered this dream as I was walking from my office to the nearby cafeteria to grab some breakfast.   My initial analysis was that butterflies represent change, and so, my subconscious was trying to tell me to change.

My second analysis pointed out that my ex… hovering, like he was, in the dream, and us very clearly having nothing to say to each other; this might mean that I feel like he’s holding me back in some way.

My third analysis, in writing the dream out just now, seems to point to this idea that we’ve gone our separate ways, and he’s watching from a distance as I move on.

But in any case, the butterfly is a symbol of hope, and change, and the option to start anew.  When you see a butterfly, either in real life or in a dream, it’s letting you know that you have a second chance.

It’s a Monday, and so, I think we all need second chances, right?  I do, on this Monday.  I’m trying to be productive this week, but honestly, I should start dreaming about predators chasing me down the street.  I need motivation.


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