Canada man charged with “pretending to practice witchcraft”

I wish I didn’t have to share this article, but… yeah.  There was this dude in Canada who scammed a woman out of tens of thousands of (canadian) dollars  to help her stop her headaches.  His unorthodox, $10,000 treatments include cracking eggs on photos of her children to tell her that they were “marked for death,” and rubbing lemon juice on her body to see if she was cursed.

Toronto police arrested the man on charges of pretending to practice witchcraft.  Of course, the article that I read was making all sorts of connections to Wicca when this is clearly a scam artist.  The Daily Buzz article links to a website straight out of the nineties to make the claim that true witchcraft is never purchased, but given freely.  I’m sure that the author could’ve found a more reputable looking website, or (gasp) a book to support the claim, especially if they’re going to go out of the way to link this dude with Wicca.

I think that they should probably charge the man with something a little more… appropriate; like fraud?  But then again, I don’t know Canadian law, and I’m sure the police made their best effort to make sure that this scam artist was brought to justice.

We should try to get some good coverage in the media so that they start linking Wicca with articles on valid religious celebration instead of scam artists, mobs in Africa, and vampires in Serbia.  Anyone want to start a pagan charity?


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