Pagan Pages: The Primal Challenge

Hey guys –

So I’ve been reading a lot into the primal lifestyle (see the last post, and probably posts all the way back to September, for hints and what not).  It’s been a pretty logical progression for me.  First, I started off this year learning how to cook a little better.  More specifically, I’ve been trying new recipes and perfecting techniques since August and/or September.  Some of my experiments have been delicious, others, lacking.

During that, I stumbled onto the Mason Jar madness… making little gift jars and stuff.  During that period, I found some really cool “meals in jars” ideas that led me to preparing and packaging food a little better to prevent waste.

That brought me to buying a small vacuum sealer, to help me seal my jars and keep my food fresh, longer.

Which led me to wondering what sort of meals I could put in these jars.

Which led me to “primal” and “paleo,” both lifestyles I’ve browsed extensively on the internet, but have never tried.  The basic idea is to focus on consuming meat and veggies over grains and processed foods.

The difference between “paleo” and “primal” is that paleo denies dairy products, whereas primal does not.

The reasons I want to try the Primal lifestyle are simple.  One, I want to learn how to cook delicious, delicious meat.  Every time.  Part of the problem when I cook is that I screw up the meat, and then the entire meal is kinda… blah.  I want to eat meals that are easy and reliably delicious.

Two, I want to spend less on processed foods at the grocery store.  I bought a SodaStream on clearance, and that helped, some, but only for soda cans.  Most often, I end up tossing out sandwich meat, leftover pizza, or leftover mediocre meat.

Three, I’ve heard that in some people, the primal and/or paleo lifestyles help them figure out their migraine triggers and alleviate stress.  I don’t think that primal and/or paleo will cure my migraines, but it might help me get them under control if whatever I put in my mouth, I cook.  Obviously there will be times where I want to / have to go out or eat during social functions, and that’s fine.  But I want to guarantee that by the end of 2013, most of what I make, in my kitchen, is hands down delicious.

Four, I’ve unfortunately gained some weight in the past two years, with my breakup and some other life changes.  Whereas before, I was teetering on the “not THAT fat” range, I feel like I’ve exceeded it and I could be performing better, physically, in other areas of my life, like in my field work and in my soccer playing.  I want to emphasize that I am not focused on the weight loss aspect of this: it just may be an added benefit.  It may also be that I maintain my weight, but my body composition changes.

So this is my primary blogging place.  I am not turning this into a food blog!  But you may see me posting more recipes and primal oriented ideas.

To recap, I am trying to eat “Primal” food because I want to better my cooking skills, I want to save money on groceries, I want to see how it will affect my migraines, and I want to improve my physical condition.

I’ll be putting a “page” up (one of the links in the header) to connect all of my food articles together.  Stay tuned!


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