Ghostly Dreams

Hey guys —

I’ve been having these weird dreams lately, and I wanted to share and see if you could maybe provide some insight.

The first one happened a few days ago.  These dreams always happen in the morning, not at night.  My boyfriend leaves for work early (usually by 6, he wakes up at 5).  So I get woken up at 5 and slowly drift off to sleep, or sleep after he leaves.  I’m a light sleeper, so it’s a miracle if I actually go to sleep before he leaves again.

In this first dream, I heard a noise, and I got up, and the boyfriend was home.  But it was only like, 7 or 8 am, and so I was confused.  And he called me lazy for not getting out of bed yet, then he went to take a shower and I went back to sleep.  Of course, he didn’t actually come home until the afternoon.

This morning, I had a similar experience.  In this one, he came into the bedroom, and I decided that he wasn’t supposed to be home yet, and I told him this, and he said “I know.”  And somehow, it became known to me that he wasn’t real, but more of an… entity.  An aspect of him, which had been left at home.

Dream progresses, and suddenly, his aspect has decided that it’s not just him that is wandering around, lost, but there are others.  It’s like everyone has been split in half.  The part of him that really wanted to stay home and play video games — that was him — it got to!  For some reason, I decided that I had a 10 y.o. self that had split off from me, but it had run off, and we had to go find her.  Suddenly, there’s a whole group of people and/or aspects that have joined us and we’re looking for my 10 y.o. self and its raining and sleeting, so we break into an S.U.V. in a parking lot to steal an umbrella.  No, not kidding.

So we find my 10 y.o. self, and my dog is there?  Or she turns into my dog?  I’m not sure.  But then there’s this weird hippie moment where everyone’s crying out of happiness because they got united with their other halves.  And then I wake up.

Oh, and there’s this moment somewhere in there where I look at my boyfriend’s aspect and ask him if he knows what I’m thinking about doing, and he says yes, I always know what you’re doing.  But that was way before the group adventure.

My weird dreams always happen re-sleeping.  I had a super busy weekend and some crazy adventures that maybe I’ll share later (after hours at a coffee house, and partying with a geography professor).  I also use my weird dreams as jumping points for stories and novels, so I’m grateful that they occur.


Any thoughts?  Happy Monday!


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