Not Hungry? Oh, And Cats. And Changing Negativity.

I’ve been struggling to eat the last few days… I guess since Saturday, when I had the pizza.  I’m like… scared of wheat now, although I know I’ll have to try it again.

I had a migraine today; I’m not sure what it was from.  I wrote down everything I ate the hour before, though, and I’ll monitor if ingredients keep showing up before migraines.  I ended up going home because I had to take some Imitrex and it makes me feel funny.

So yesterday, I had some salad.  I’m sure I had something else but I am completely blanking.  I remember the salad, though.  It was delicious.

Yeah, I don’t even know.  I have some sort of post-migraine brain fog going on right now.  Anyway, let’s talk about something else. I’m sure you’re bored of my diet updates.  Maybe I’m just getting the flu or something.  I hope not!

Let’s talk about…. kitties.  There’s one sitting on my right arm right now, purring into my chest.  He’s making typing a tad difficult.

I actually had a rather entertaining experience one morning over the last few days.  I have two kitties.  One is a smaller, older, and meaner orange tabby.  The other is a gigantic, sweet natured tortie girl.  You’d think that the bigger kitty was the terrorist, but of course, she’s not.  It’s the little one.  He’s also my baby.  He’s also thle one on my chest.

Anyway, so the little cat was chasing the big cat, and I was yelling at him to stop, and he, of course, was blatantly ignoring me.  As cats tend to do.  Know what I did?  Laser pointer.

Yup.  Even the most fearsome tabby falls victim to a dancing red light.

My point is that distraction can be a great technique to misdirect negative energy to a new, more constructive place.  Whether it’s your own negativity, the negativity of your child or spouse, or the negativity of the universe, misdirection may help you solve the problem.

If its your own negativity, try distracting yourself with something physical.  Take action.  If its your child or your spouse, try doing something together, or, if together is the problem… have a little alone time.  And if its the universe, take some deep breaths and offer up some prayers.  Remember, the universe might throw a lot at you… but it wouldn’t do it if you couldn’t handle it.  You’ll move through this.  You’ll move on.  You’ll find happiness soon again.


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