I’ve been sick… (Gluten and Corn updates)

Very sick. Like, coughing, high fever, back spasm from coughing, diarrhea, unable to function, sick.

But I wanted to tell you about my experience with going gluten free. As you may remember, at the beginning of the month, I announced that I was going gluten free to see if it would help my migraines. I can safely say that after four sets of (6 days gluten free) –> (1 day gluten), there hasn’t really been a noticeable effect of gluten in my diet on my headaches.

The one time I had a headache directly after gluten consumption, there was a myriad of other triggers that could’ve contributed as well, including dehydration, waking up later, and eating half of a pizza.

Now, I CAN tell you that on a gluten free diet, and not on a “cheat” day, I performed much better in soccer. Cutting some carbs seems to stabilize my energy reserves and helps me stay focused.

As a result, I’m going to allow gluten back in my diet. Not in large amounts, although it wasn’t omnipresent before, but I’m not going to be as strict.

I am going to continue exploring primal foods and experimenting with adding/removing various pieces to my diet. So don’t worry — this isn’t a New Years Resolution going bad. I’m just… tinkering. And I will share my results as I go.

So today is January 31st. I will be traveling in the last week of February. I think that this month, I am going to focus on eliminating soda for the first three weeks. Then, I will probably use soda as a crutch to get through my week long conference.

In general, I’m going to focus on eliminating corn syrup from my diet for those three weeks. That means that tortilla chips, on occasion, are alright; and popcorn too.

This being said, there is a 20 oz. Coke in my car that I absolutely plan on drinking tomorrow. Sorry kids, I just paid for it.

Also, if I am craving soda, I *do* have a sodastream. The products of theirs that I can drink use cane sugar, not corn syrup. But no worries, their Cola recipe isn’t that great, so I can’t imagine I’ll be consuming it by the liter.

So that’s my challenge for February. No corn syrup.


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