Motivation is such a funny thing…

Take yesterday, for example. My boyfriend has been having car troubles, so we’ve been sharing my car. When he works early in the morning, I have to wait until the afternoon to go to work — which is fine, I have a flexible schedule. But part of me cringes and shouts “SLACKER!” whenever this happens, because I’m strolling into work around noon. But, when I got here, I pretty much ran errands and got little things done for the full three or four hours I was present.

Today, my boyfriend has to work 7 to 2. I could not justify going into work at 2 or 3… so I hopped a ride in at 6:50. It is now close to 11, 4 hours later, and I haven’t done a damned thing except browse, take a few walks, and generally waste time. Oh, I ate breakfast. And took a short snooze.

It makes me think that I would almost be a more productive employee / researcher if I just came in from 11-4:30 everyday, took my hour lunch, then worked. Mornings and me doing thinking work just don’t agree.

Not a very spiritual post, but, they can’t all be!


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