What is the magickal meaning of finding a stray cat?

Many people visit this blog after searching for things like, “What does a stray cat signify?” or “Black cat hanging around house magic wicca” or some version thereof.  Maybe, “What is the meaning of an all-white cat?” or “What does an orange tabby signify?”

Well, kids, I’ve got your answer.

A stray cat means that your neighbors are irresponsible.  It means that somewhere out there, someone thinks it’s okay to let a domesticated animal loose on the neighborhood.  Are you aware that free-roaming housecats — “outdoor” cats — kill 4 billion wild animals, including birds, lizards, and rodents, each year?  And, in the manner of a true cat, they only bring home about 25% of their kill.  The other 75% is left at the kill site as a giant “Fuck you” to the world.  Excuse my language.

So the magickal meaning of finding a stray cat is simple: You have furred psychopaths running around your neighborhood.  At least our (human) serial killers have the decency (most of the time) to hide their handiwork!

Now, in all seriousness, let’s talk about the stray cat.  If the cat is approachable, and seems like an indoor cat, you may want to consider adopting it.  The responsible thing to do, if you can’t adopt it into your home, is to bring it to a shelter for adoption; or alternatively, see if there is a low/no cost spay-neuter program for strays in your area.  Think of all the lives you’ll save if Fluffy can’t reproduce.  

And that, my friends, is the magickal meaning of a stray cat.  Your neighbors are assholes, and if you’re looking for some good karma, you should adopt it, bring it to a shelter, or get it neutered.  Or do what most of us do, and pet it, then walk away.  

I’m going to put a final plug in for adoption here: I’ve adopted and rescued strays all my life, either from shelters or directly off the streets.  The love and bond you get from becoming a troubled animal’s primary provider is amazing, astounding, and worth every penny of ruined furniture, floors, cars, carpets, and vacuum cleaners.  Sometimes, it’s even worth the vet bills 😉

Happy Monday!


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