Dairy Free Update (Week 1)

So I have to tell you… I have not gone dairy free yet.  I did have a good reason: I didn’t want to waste food.  I’m on a pretty tight budget, and milk and cheese are expensive.  Now, the milk is out of the house, and I’m good to go.  

In other news, caffeinated soda that I like is ALSO out of the house, so I’m back off of caffeine.  Not completely — I have a 2 liter in my office, but one or two cups of soda isn’t going to give me a caffeine dependence or overuse headache.  

In other other news, I’ve had a busy few weeks.  I’m teaching this week (on Friday), so I might be sort of absent for the week.  I’ll try to get another “52 weeks” round in this week — I think I have the next set typed up, I just have to schedule them onto the blog.  I’ll be stopping that soon and working on publishing the whole set in a year’s guide to the Rede.  If you guys have any feedback on the idea, please feel free to let me know.

Finally, I bicycled to work this morning, and had a wonderful time.  Some dude stopped at a red light and got out of his car to hand me a free-class pass for yoga (no, I’m not kidding).  Then, on the way in, some old man handed me a really cool version of the New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs.  I love free stuff!  

I always take Christian literature for two reasons.  One, if it is a pamphlet/newsletter/tract, I love reading it.  The psychology of Christianity fascinates me, as does the attempt to reach a wide audience with otherwise crazy thoughts and ideas.  Two, it takes the opportunity away from them to reach “vulnerable” souls.  Every bible/tract/newsletter that I get is one less that is going to someone who is at risk of converting.

That sounds very anti-Christian, and I normally keep a light-hearted view of Christianity, but the truth is that Christianity can be harmful.  Although there are benefits to going to church (like finding a community), there are a lot of costs, too, including shame/guilt and a reliance not on self but “on God and prayer.”  It emphasizes powerlessness, and I don’t like that at all.  Take control of your spirituality!  Take control of your life. 

Anyway, so there’s my Monday update.  Unfortunately, I’ve already been way more productive today than most Mondays, and I doubt my productivity will decrease.  Ah well.  I can be lazy tomorrow.

Happy Monday!



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