Why the Boston Marathon can’t stop you

I was incredibly busy this week; and saddened, yesterday, to hear about the tragedy in Boston.  Already this morning, unfortunately, I’ve seen some divisive facebook posts from, “Traditionally, the crazy people are on the far right…” to “Why is it when there’s a major tragedy everyone jumps on board to say “my prayers are with them,” but when there are everyday tragedies that aren’t picked up by the media, no one cares?”  If that doesn’t make sense… I can’t apologize, because, well, that’s what they said.  It doesn’t make too much sense to me, either.

Part of the problem with bombings, and more generally, random acts of violence, is that we can’t make sense of it.  The majority of society can’t understand the reasoning, and so, we get scared.  Maybe this latest incident will keep you from running a marathon.  I know that every time I cross campus (I work at a University), every time I go to the mall, or the grocery store… in the back of my mind sits the question, “What if today is the day that some clinically insane person is going to decide to take my life?”

I also know that there’s nothing you can do about it.  Some call it fate, some call it destiny.  Some call it (un)luck.  But the fact remains that no one, save the people who perpetrated the act of violence, will ever have prescient knowledge about pain/hurt/death in a location.  So try not to let it worry you.

I’ve always found that my old high priest’s reasoning about death is most comforting in this time.  They’ve gone home.  They suffered, yes, but they’re home now.  And thankfully, it’s only been three people (at this point) who have made that journey home.  We get to keep the rest of them for a little while longer.

I took a bit of time to come into work today.  I cuddled with my animals,  I let myself doze.  I took a moment to grab some breakfast.  I hope you did, too.  Life is short, and you should value the time that you have.  Because, unfortunately, we never know when our time is up.

This isn’t a new phenomena, and it isn’t the end of the world.  There have been violently crazy people for centuries.  The methods may have evolved (explosives over straight mutilation, for example), but the fact remains that a small percentage of the human race is determined to cause mayhem and pain.

Don’t let this deter you from running.  Or hiking.  Or shopping.  Or cycling.  Or going out.  Or living.  When fear rules your life, the psychopaths win.

Make it the best Tuesday you can, guys.

Blessed Be.


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