A bit of writer’s block

Hey guys –

I’m sorry that this month has been so slow, at least on my blogging front.  I’ve had a busy few weeks, doing such wonderful things as attending memorial services, baking, stabbing styrofoam, setting up hydroponics tanks, watering plants, applying pesticides, rescuing caterpillars, playing soccer… you get the idea.  Oh, and a few migraines, unfortunately.

I haven’t been able to drop dairy.  I’m being honest with you here.  I’m dropping the idea for a while, and I’m going to let it settle in my mind.  I’m going to focus on “reducing” instead of “eliminating.”  I don’t think I managed a single dairy-free day, which perhaps speaks to the power of dairy: I would either do it accidentally (SHIT that has cheese on it) or on purpose (I don’t care, I’m thirsty, I need calories… milk works).  I can drop Coke/soda, I can drop chocolate (though not permanently)… but tell me to drop dairy and I just tweak out.  Go figure.

I’ve been trying to balance weight loss with strength training, lately.  It’s hard, because if you work TOO hard… you eat more, or you hurt yourself and spend a day or two being less active.  I had a 2-week plateau but I’m back to losing weight this week.  All in all, I’m down about 5.5 lbs in the last three months.  My weight loss is EXTREMELY slow, but I’ve accepted that.  In the future, you’ll read part two of “Using Wicca To Achieve Your Goals” as a weight-loss journey.  I’m using physicsdiet.com to track my loss, and I would recommend it highly.  It calculates a moving weighted exponential average, and lets you see your trend over time, and not worry so much about day to day fluctuations.  If I were not using this tool, technically I’d be about 10-12 lbs down, depending on the day — but a lot of that loss is water fluctuations and isn’t real.  I’ve lost the five and a half, and I’m confident in that number.  I’m looking to lose at least 20, to get back to a weight that I was at pre-grad school.  I would love to keep losing after that and see where I land, but honestly, I’m going at a tenth of a pound at a time.

On the bright side, I’ve been increasing weights at the gym.  I’m working with barbells instead of machines, in hopes that the free-style will help teach me proper form and I can work on functional movements — lifting, throwing, jumping and the like.

So there’s my health update.  I’ll try to get a Western Winds Open Beltane Ritual posted sometime this week, and maybe a few prayers/chants/songs.  We shall see.

Love and light,



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