Spring and Summer Updates

Man, I hate it when the last post on a blog mentions “Writer’s Block…”

I swear, it wasn’t actually writer’s block that kept me away for so long. Unfortunately, you have to remember: I am a scientist. And my busiest season is April/May/June. To be more specific, or perhaps, more depressing, I haven’t had a day off since April 27th. Trust me, I tried, not two days ago, to take a day off, and our assistant called and asked me to come into work to help with something. I’ve already logged three hours there today, and will have to go back in an hour or two to finish things up.

That being said, things SHOULD be slowing down soon, and I should be able to get back into the swing of sharing things with you guys. My creative mind has just been shut off, lately, to deal with all of the logistics and science-y things I’ve been faced with. My “free” time has been filled with laundry, groceries, cleaning, cycling, and napping.

I was able to celebrate Beltane here with my new covenmates, and we did a May Pole. I had never got to do one before. It was a lot of fun, and raised a lot of good feelings and energy. I’d recommend it if you have an opportunity. The May Pole may be my new favorite pagan activity, although jumping the Beltane fire is a close second. Wooh, sex and fertility!

I’ll try to check back in asap. Have a wonderful June!


P.S. – if you haven’t had a chance to grab my book, “Using Wicca to Achieve Your Goals” … it’ll be free sometime this month. So give it a look!


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