Western Winds Wicca: Volume 1 (Purpose, Guidelines, Dedication)


Hey everyone –

If you follow the blog, you know that I’ve been working on compiling formal materials for the tradition that I follow, Western Winds Wicca.  I had some free time yesterday and I decided to finish up a section into “Volume 1” of what will become the tradition’s Book of Shadows.

The volume as it stands has coven standards, common roles, and formal degree requirements.  After those are laid out, it details the requirements of dedication to the path.

If you’re interested in learning a specific tradition and need somewhere to begin, this may be an excellent starting point.  That being said, I plan to have a more general “Introduction to Wicca” book written, much like the class that is offered freely on the blog, in the near future.


For every copy sold in the USA, I make $0.35.  The book’s list price is $0.99.  It costs me about $30 a year to host this blog, but costs will go up someday.  I’m not asking to make tons of money; but I don’t feel comfortable with people donating, either. So, if you like this blog, if you’ve found it helpful, please consider buying this volume or the other book, Using Wicca to Achieve Your Goals.  This book was $2.99, but I’m changing its price to $0.99 to match the other.  It may not quite be updated yet, but I promise it will be soon.

Back to our regular posts soon 😉  I’ll try to write up some today to scatter out over October.

Brightest blessings,

Lynn Windsor


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