13 Principles of Wiccan Belief

In seeking to be inclusive, we do not wish to open ourselves to the destruction of our group by those on self-serving power trips, or to philosophies and practices contradictory to these principles.  In seeking to exclude those whose ways are contradictory to ours, we do not want to deny participation with us to any who are sincerely interested in our knowledge and beliefs, regardless of race, color, sex, age, national or cultural origins or sexual preference. Principles of the Wiccan Belief:

  1. We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarters and Cross Quarters.
  2. We recognize that our intelligence gives us a unique responsibility toward our environment. We seek to live in harmony with Nature, in ecological balance offering fulfillment to life and consciousness within an evolutionary concept.
  3. We acknowledge a depth of power far greater than that apparent to the average person. Because it is far greater than ordinary it is sometimes called “supernatural”, but we see it as lying within that which is naturally potential to all.
  4. We conceive of the Creative Power in the universe as manifesting through polarity-as masculine and feminine-and that this same Creative Power lies in all people, and functions through the interaction of the masculine and feminine. We value neither (gender) above the other, knowing each to be supportive to the other. We value sex as pleasure, as the symbol and embodiment of life, and as one of the sources of energies used in magickal practice and religious worship.
  5. We recognize both outer worlds and inner, of psychological, worlds sometimes known as the Spiritual World, the Collective Unconscious, Inner Planes, etc.-and we see in the inter-action of these two dimensions the basis for paranormal phenomena and magickal exercises. We neglect neither dimension for the other, seeing both as necessary for our fulfillment.
  6. We do not recognize any authoritarian hierarchy, but do honor those who teach, respect those who share their greater knowledge and wisdom, and acknowledge those who have courageously given of themselves in leadership.
  7. We see religion, magick and wisdom in living as being united in the way one views the world and lives within it- a world view and philosophy of life which we identify as Witchcraft- the Wiccan Way.
  8. Calling oneself “Witch” does not make a Witch-but neither does heredity itself, nor the collecting of titles, degrees and initiations. A Witch seeks to control the forces within her/himself that make life possible in order to live wisely and well without harm to other and in harmony with Nature.
  9. We believe in the affirmation and fulfillment of life in a continuation of evolution and development of consciousness giving meaning to the Universe we know and our personal role within it.
  10. Our only animosity towards Christianity, or toward any other religion or philosophy of life, is to the extent that its institutions have clamed to be “the only way” and have sought to deny freedom to others and to suppress other ways of religious practice and belief.
  11. As American Witches, we are not threatened by debates on the history of the Craft, the origins of various terms, the legitimacy of various aspects of different traditions. We are concerned with our present and our future.
  12. We do not accept the concept of absolute evil, nor do we worship any entity known as “Satan” or “the Devil”, as defined by Christian tradition. We do not seek power through the suffering of others, nor accept that personal benefit can be derived only by denial to another.
  13. We believe that we should seek within Nature that which is contributory to our health and well-being.

27 responses to “13 Principles of Wiccan Belief

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  7. I know this seems so off topic, but I just want to say I love your website. I am currently learning all I can about Wicca through books and online, and I was just trying to read the 13 principles on another pages and the background and text were clashing so much, I couldn’t even read it. So thank you for having a clean webpage for me to learn more.

  8. Hi, I have been a Pagan since the day I opened my eyes for the first time, I couldn’t understand why people around me were not the same! lol so I just wanted to say hi, and I will definitely be bookmarking your site so I can come back and keep reading it, thanks Nell Rose

  9. ok…for some reason i’m having a hard time grasping what the 7th and 9th principle mean. I think it might be just the way it’s phrased that’s not sticking in my head, but could someone please try to explain them to me?

  10. I was born in a Catholic family; but since a child events and feelings of such nature as your belief has follow me . but I am still lost and don’t know how to step into your realm.

    • if i were you, as i did, id just read up on things such as this. Then intergrate the values and practices into your daily life, slowly of course. Do some reasearch on meditation, thats a very easy and way to get started and an amazing way to begin learning, meditation is a very powerfull thing. Also, if you can find a practitioner, the best help comes from an actual person whos there to help teach you:)

  11. My spouse and I absolutely love your blog
    and find many of your post’s to be exactly what I’m looking for.
    Do you offer guest writers to write content for you
    personally? I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on most of the subjects you write in relation to here. Again, awesome web log!

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  13. I am currently studying Wicca, and hoping to join the craft. Thanks for putting up information on this site! I was raised athiest, but I have always wanted the right religion. That is why I chose Wicca.

  14. I’m studying this to show myself that no religion is bad or evil, and no religion is strange. Everything is for the help of others. To sooth the pain of victims and to sooth the pain of the junkies of love. We all need love, and sometimes that’s not shown enough. There should be no rite or wrong. But there should also be the opportunity to live the life and thrive as a community, we all need to figure out our path, and that’s why there’s so many religions, smile at fear and smile at hate, there is no difference. You just need to love your self and one another. This religion will work. It has helped me overcome some of my biggest fears. And still stay safe. Take hit after hit. And smile back and say go away, no need to fight. Because life is a beautiful thing. But it is also what you make of it. Thankyou for having this website.. It’s amazing and it’s really helped me get through, thankyou Mother Nature! You saved me..

  15. Making this available for the general public, presented in an easy to read format, allows for a better of understanding of Wicca. It serves to diminish the demon consorting, devil worshipping, ne’er do well/those to be feared image that so many seem to embrace re Wicca. Blessed Yule!

  16. I Strongly believe this is my calling. This is such a great website to learn from and grow with! Thank you for sharing with us!

  17. This website is a very good website to learn about wiccan/pagen religions, some sites dont always speak the truth, and some are just people coming up with random things about it. But dont restrict yourself, Like I said this Website is very Good, But you shouldnt stop your search here. And to a comment above, Meditation is good, But you have to be careful. Your opening up your mind, its like saying, “Anyone or anything is Welcome” … If you get my drift. Anyways, Koodos to Anyone that has had good experiences with it. And like Ive already said, This is an Amazing site to use!

    • Its easy, just learn and try to bring yourself into it spiritually, as a person who has obtained the second degree in the craft (A teacher). I say start off by trying to desipher the Wiccan Rede and read over these principles and the Wiccan Code of Chivalry. Spiritually its a good place to start, then follow it up with the Charge of the Goddess and kinda move first through understanding things spiritually before jumping into spell. Our power comes from deep within our knowledge and each new layer of knowledge creates momentum for your power. Like a slingshot of words 🙂 You could Kik me if you need more help 🙂 Wes_McC

  18. This is just a believe I was looking for (not really to join any),
    because this is one of the rare religions that accept other people the way they are.

    Christianity, for example, makes me feel sick, as it is oppressing, based on lies (satan is made to be the Devil (the devil is Christianity :P) (go look for satanism (I recommend a video of MrRepzion on yt and not on Wikipedia as that’s also based on that Christian satan story (he talks about the principles of the believe))). I like the way Bhuddism (although practicioners don’t accept a lot other people, which is weird, but I don’t like Islam either..) and Wiccan accept U (U is for me symbolic to everything around an individual), that’s a religion I would like to be in.

    I think that if by Christianity their god would be all loving, well why does he hate witches, demons(yeah I do understand that 1), gays, just differents and satanistic people (no, not psychopathic-ass human-offering bitches :P) then? I don’t get it. Every little rule of that believe does not make any sense, because every* rule is in violation of the other…

    *almost every

    | closing off |

    I just want to say I don’t hate Christians or so, but I hate their believesystem (and that goes for any oppressing, unaccepting religion as well, such as Isis version of Islam, Islam’s Sharia, all that shit).

    BTW I think I made a wrong point about satanism, they do offering of living animals… But it is not an oppressing believe, it’s very personal (and I’m too lazy to change that up in my text now..).

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