Our Eden (A song fragment)

Baby, just maybe
We can create our own Eden
Just you and me
And our wild side

Baby (just maybe)
We can make our house a home
If we think real hard
We’ll make it something more

Don’t let me see myself as anything but beautiful
Don’t let me see you as a god
Just let me try to take you away
To our Eden

Down the rabbit hole (A poem)

I found salvation in your blistered, broken hands
In the warmth of your breath on my neck
As you drew the demons out

I found my freedom in your harsh and steady beat
You whirled me ’til my head stopped spinning
Gently dragged me back from hell

Wormed your way deep inside my aching, hardened heart
Made me love you til I came again
Bursting back inside that crowded room
Changed, but whole.

Do you write poetry?

I realized at some point today that I rarely write poetry anymore.  I really stopped around… 16, or so, but I still occasionally spit one out.

I think that poetry upsets me because I feel like it’s not real if it doesn’t rhyme, but my rhyming often interferes with my thoughts and the true meaning of the poem.  Well, the initial meaning of the poem.

Have you guys seen this video?  This is what goes through my head when I try to write poetry now!

One of our 6-week coven goals is to write some invocations to a god and goddess of our choice, which means, like it or not… slam poetry is where I’m headed.

Who are your favorite gods?  Do you write your own invocations or take them from other texts?

Water And Wine

This is a song that I wrote today; I’ll share the video when I post it at some point.  I’m driving 450 mi tomorrow.. so maybe Sunday?

To give you some background, I’m embroiled in a songwriting challenge where we have to write a song a week for a year.  This week’s prompt is “Sympathetic” and it brought to mind sympathetic magic.  This started as a song about pain, about sharing pain, and about standing with another person who’s hurting, but it ended as an homage to the wheel of the year and the cycle of death and rebirth.

Brother, can you hear me?
Calling out your name
Don’t you know that I hear your pain?
She’s sitting here beside me
Waiting for the memory to fade
Waiting for the tides to change
From water to wine

Cousin, can you see me?
Reaching through the darkness
Searching for your hand to hold
I’m sitting right beside you
Waiting for the bonds to fade
Waiting for the winds to change
My water to wine

Don’t let me call you home
You need to see this through
Don’t say you won’t go on
We’ll be there for you

Father, can you feel me?
When the wind is blowing
Can you feel my whispers of days gone by?
They’re piled up behind me
Waiting for the world to see
Waiting for my pain to ease
To water from wine

Lover, can you smell me?
Wafting through your memory
Can’t you taste the passion we shared?
It lives now in the darkness
Waiting in the shadow and grime
Waiting for its chance to shine again
In water and wine

Don’t let me call you home
You have to see this through
You know you’ll rise again
We stand with you

Great Lord, will you touch me?
Kneel in love beside me?
Great Lord, will you worship me today?
Your lips meet my body
Hands to hands and toes to toes
Lips to lips and heart to heart
My water, your wine

A Pagan Prayer For Strength

Oh, gods, its been a while
Since I’ve been before you
On my hands and knees.

Death, and pain, and suffering
Were all at my door, and angry
I turned away from you.

Please forgive me, gods,
And give me the strength to live my life
With honor and balance.

I cast my circle tonight for you
I cast to say hello again
I cast so I have a safe place to feel

I cast to honor you, gods
And renew my commitment to your ways
Where truth and balance rule

I offer you, gods,
My perfect love and perfect trust
And to you, my ancestors, the same

Fill me with strength,
And humility, and grace
And light my path back home.

Give me ways to honor you
In my work and in my home
In my thoughts and in my actions

Let me be your servant
Bless me again with your priesthood
Hold me in your arms

I am safe, and warm, and comforted
And I know that it will be alright