Early Morning Reflections

I woke up this morning because  my cat kept jumping on me and I couldn’t take it anymore.  You see, she likes things on a schedule and we feed her every morning between 5 and 7.  It was right around seven and so I crawled out of bed to feed her and I saw these dark shadows on the floor. They happened to be dog poop.

There’s an important lesson to be had here, and the lesson is that sometimes, you wake up to find that a dog has literally shit on your floor and your morning.  Now, luckily for me, I own a dog, so all in all, it wasn’t too out of the question to find some shit on the floor.

And in the end, yes. The shit is irritating.  Annoying.  But it’s not necessarily an inherent bad or evil thing.  In the end, it’s just poop.

I guess my point is that we often spend a lot of time being angry at things like dog shit that just happen.  There’s nothing you can do about them, yet you find yourself seething at the gods and universe for the shit on your floor.

Shit happens. Don’t blame the the universe. Just move on.


Invocations of Dionysus and Athena

Great Dionysus, 
Keeper of wine and fruit and merriment
I call upon you, great god of mystery
To join us in our celebration
And bring us down your wisdom, joy, and love
So mote it be.

Lady Athena, 
You who burst forth from your father’s skull
Mother of weaving and wisdom and war
I call to you now and invite you into our circle
And ask for the gift of your loving knowledge
So mote it be.

When God Talks Back (A Review)

I’ve been reading the book, When God Talks Back by TM Luhrmann as of late. I’m not all the way through it, but what I’ve read is interesting. And fascinating.

The author spends a lot of time with evangelical Christians to study how they pray and communicate with God.  What she finds is very similar to the relationships with the sacred described by other spiritual traditions.  Through active prayer and meditation, these people enhance their mental imagery and feel a sense of peace and love and joy come over them, and sometimes experience (hallucinate) god as being real in physical form.

It reminds me of my conversion moment.  I was a child, drifting to sleep, but still awake, when all of a sudden, I was overcome. I felt like I was being hugged by the best invisible force in the world. I was warm and cuddly and the happiest I had ever been.  And I understood that sensation as the sacred power of the universe come to greet me. 

Regardless of what you believe, those “conversion moments” can be powerful and drive you towards a blind faith.  I would offer the following advice: 

You can explore your mind, create a social connection with yourself, and still have divine experiences without attributing it to anything but your brain’s awesome power.  That being said, gods and goddesses and even Jesus are a powerful construct designed to help your brain get there.  So, if a part of you believes, let it go wild. Maybe you’ll feel as though you can “see the words [of prayer] written on their faces” or hear God’s voice behind you. As long as God isn’t telling you to hurt someone, you go on with your fine self!


Happy Imbolc 2014!

Our coven actually had to reschedule due to a storm rolling in tonight, but I’m looking forward to celebrating a few weeks from now once we can all get together again.

I hope you had a wonderful Imbolc and lit a candle for Brigid, the eternal blacksmith.  Brigid has always been a favorite of mine because she turns gender roles on their heads.  As someone who views herself as sort of… genderfluid, it’s nice to get some support from the literature.

Genderfluid, by the way, is when you feel like you move easily between the two main genders.  For me, that’s definitely the case.  Sometimes, I am all woman, but other days, I dress, feel, and act like a man.

Ah well.  Enjoy your weekend!  Throw a snowball 😉


A Ritual Grimoire!

Hey guys –

You know how I’ve posted a lot of different rituals on here?  Well, if you like my rituals (a la Western Winds tradition), perhaps you’ll enjoy the full set of 8 sabbat rituals that I’ve released as “Western Winds Wicca Volume 2: Ritual Grimoire.”  Yes, that’s right, I finally got another book out!  The best part?  It’s just $0.99.

Western Winds Wicca Volume 2Now, remember, when you choose to buy my books, you’re choosing to offset the $100 I spend every year to host this site.  I get about $0.35 from each copy sold, so it’s not much, but if you share with your friends, who knows?  Maybe I’ll break even on this blog 🙂

Oh, by the way: it is a GREAT companion to “Using Wicca to Achieve Your Goals,” because each holiday has a focus on goal setting and review.

Meditations on the Dragon Fly

Meditations on the Dragon Fly

Dragonflies are amazing creatures. As predators in both their juvenile and adult stages, dragonflies teach us that we must always act, and not sit idly by. Developmentally, dragonflies are unique in that they spend their young stages underwater, and their adult stages in the air. They are top predators in both air and sea, at least as far as the insect world goes. You’ll be hard pressed to find other insects that can snatch ants, bees, and wasps from the air and enjoy a leisurely meal on a fence post. This picture shows the other unique part of dragonflies: their mating. The male “controls” the female by gripping the area behind her head with his rear end. The male’s sperm is actually stored closer to his head, and the female will curl her abdomen around into a “wheel” shape to get it. The male generally holds onto the female until she deposits eggs with his sperm underwater, as you can see this female doing. I’m not sure what life lesson there is in this mating acts, other than to see something through to the end and hold on for all that you’re worth. Happy Monday!

Pagans Eating Well (Part 2)

If you haven’t read part 1, why not do that real quick?

Part 1 focused on our overconsumption, using meat as an example.  To summarize, meat is often expensive for your body, your wallet, and your environment.  This second part is going to focus on something that you can do to improve your nutrition in a much cheaper way.  This is a newly discovered thing for me, and it’s called the “green smoothie.”

The idea is simple.  We don’t eat enough leafy greens.  Gods know that I don’t.  We cover salads, when we eat them, in chemical-laden salad dressings or tons of extras: breadcrumbs, cranberries, cheese.

Green smoothies are a way to get your vegetables in with the ease of drinking them.  I know, I know.  It sounds gross at first, to drink vegetables.  But the miracle is, by blending fruits and vegetables together, you get all the “plusses” of leafy green vegetables with the delicious tastes of your added fruits.

Eight years ago, the only vegetables that I ate were potato chips and french fries.  I went through a phase in college where I began to eat salads, and I slid down the slippery slope into craving broccoli and stir fry.  I mostly like my vegetables cooked, but I’m still exploring and developing my tastes.

My parents got me a new blender for Christmas, a Ninja 1500 system.  This thing is a powerhouse! Now, you don’t need a super blender like my Ninja to make your first green smoothie, but it’ll blend a little smoother if you have one.

I was so scared when I tried it. I barely put in any greens at all, and my greens were just a bit of romaine lettuce.  I felt relieved when I took my first sip and all that I could taste was apple.  My first green smoothie recipe was as follows: 1 chopped up apple, 1 chopped up kiwi (skinned), and a handful of lettuce, with a bit of water and some ice.  My mouth is watering now thinking about it — I may have one of these for dinner!  It tastes just like apple juice, it’s “low-calorie” (if you care about those things), and the fiber from the apple, kiwi, and lettuce keep your stomach occupied for a while so that you can focus on other things.

My most robust smoothie so far has been a strawberry-celery-spinach-dill smoothie that tastes like… sweet celery.  Not overly fruity, but it doesn’t taste like spinach, either.  I’ve made four or five different types of smoothies, and only one of them has been less than stellar (one with blueberries that I made too thick).  I’ve begun taking a quart Mason jar with me to work with my green smoothie in the morning.  My coworkers look at me weird, but that coupled with a good breakfast sees me through to lunch.

I can’t stress how affordable, delicious, and nutritious these are.  It’s such an easy way to eat my vegetables for the day, and it really steers me away from soda, chips, and other things that just “tide me over” until I get home from work and chow down on everything that I can find.

Regardless of whether you take the smoothie plunge, think on this.  Eat well: eat whole foods, not too much, and enjoy life.  There’s no better honor to the gods than that.

Brightest blessings.