Personalized Tarot Card Readings

It’s been a long time since I’ve picked up my tarot card deck, but I feel like they have something to tell me.  That, and, let’s face it, divination is always a great skill to develop.

I’m doing two things with my tarot card deck this month (March), and I want you to know about them.  First, I am offering tarot card readings for only $5 exclusively through .  All proceeds go to this site’s maintenance and development, so if you have some money to spare, be sure to check it out.

Second, I am developing a class on tarot cards.  This class, when ready, will also debut through Fiverr.  I’ve prepared the first section, a 10-minute audio podcast on seven different tarot card spreads as well as the basic structure for conducting a tarot card reading.  The other planned sections are a section for each arcana, the meanings of each number / card identity, and some sample tarot readings.

Do you have any thoughts about the class or the readings? Any advice?  I want to make tarot reachable for EVERY one.  We all know my stance on the mystical, and how I’m not-so-secretly a Wiccan Atheist, but I think there’s value in tarot because it lends a meditative quality to everyday problems and also activates the creative centers of our brains.

Enjoy your Friday!


Tarot Exercises

I’m not sure if I mentioned these in a previous post or not, but there is a very easy way to get acquainted with a new tarot card deck.

First, shuffle them.  Thoroughly.  Get used to the feel of them in your hand.

Then, one by one, draw a card and write a sentence about a supposed situation in the card.  They can be connected to form a story, or just little anecdotes.  Either way, you’ll begin to learn the energy of your brand new tools.

You can also do this using poetry or haiku style reflections.  I’m sure you could also draw your take on each particular card.

Does it change when you do it again?